about me

Samantha Bell is a designer, born, raised and studied a degree of Visual Communication in Adelaide. Having lived and worked in Darwin, London and Sydney Sam returned home to raise a family in 2003. Samantha started working with metal to satisfy a personal need for unique garden sculpture. It comes as an extension of a graphic design career, in which she has worked for almost 20 years. The inspiration for her work is from nature's own beauty along with the love of repetition and patterning of shapes. Themes include marine sea life and Australian landscape with a dash of whimsical abstraction.

"Design and gardening have been an integral part of my life and out of a personal desire for unique garden sculpture I simply have been having fun with metal to explore and give form to my ideas. Having spent almost 20 years designing for other people I decided I wanted to design for my self."

"Metal work is new to me but having manufacturing insight and knowledge in the family has allowed me to make use of modern and traditional blacksmithing techniques."